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The Weber Q2200 is a portable grill that is still large enough to handle big orders. We wanted to take a closer look at this hybrid-style grill so we launched a Weber Q2200 review.

What Is The Weber Q2200?

As a portable grill, the Weber Q2200 can accompany you on a ballgame for tailgating or a campground for a family getaway. On the other hand, the grill does not need to be transported. It is sturdy enough to serve as a day-to-day grill stationed on a porch or patio.

Our Weber Q2200 review confirmed almost 300 square inches of grilling surface and a weight of over 42 pounds. That is enough room to cook for multiple people, and 42 pounds is plenty to remain stationary for everyday use. In fact, even the grill folds for travel, some owners may find 42 pounds too cumbersome for comfortable travel.

The weight speaks to the sturdiness and durability of the grill. It is a well-made product with heavy grates. The grill is primarily composed of heat-resistant cast aluminum. The grill can produce 12,000 BTUs of heat energy which is a solid number for its portable size. Any traditional grilling, such as burgers or BBQ chicken will be cooked on the easily Weber Q2200.

“Grilling means good times, good friends, and hopefully, great food.”— Bobby Flay, celebrity chef, restaurateur

In our Weber Q2200 review, we found that disposable propane tanks of two sizes, approximately 14 and 16-ounce cylinders, for fueling the Q2200. This is especially useful for individuals who want to travel with their Weber grill. For those who want to use it as a primarily stationary grill, there is nothing to keep you from attaching a larger, longer-lasting tank.

The grill has only one stainless steel burner, but it heats the grill evenly and thoroughly. The heavy grate is made of cast iron and is a major contributor to the 42-pound weight. The porcelain coating reduces sticking and makes for easy cleaning.

The grill’s bottom is curved to direct drippings into a disposable container. A built-in thermostat helps users control the heat by adjusting the burner’s dial. Our Weber Q2200 review found that your purchase includes an owner’s manual and cookbook.

Product Specs

The Weber Q2200 grill is made of cast aluminum with cast-iron grates coated with porcelain enamel. The lid features a built-in thermometer.

The grill has folding side tables, and the frame features glass-reinforced nylon. The burner valve can be adjusted to control the heat level, and an electronic ignition lights the grill. The Q2200’s dimensions are 25.1 x 51.4 x 26 inches with a weight of 42.5 pounds. The package, when ready to ship, weighs 44.2 pounds.


The price of the Weber Q2200 hovers around $270. This is on par with other similar grills. Our Weber Q2200 review did find one comparable grill under $200, and the most expensive grill we looked at was just under $280. The more expensive the grill, the more features it tends to have and the more durable the materials that go into making it.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill
  • Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE
  • Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grill

Weber Q2200

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EASE OF USE [****]

The grill has enough room to comfortably cook for multiple people, making it substantially easier to use than some smaller portable grills that force you to cook multiple helpings separately or risk knocking food off the grate because space is so limited.

At 42 pounds, some will find its use in portable situations difficult, though, because many people cannot comfortably haul 42 pounds a long distance.

Another perk we discovered in our Weber Q2200 review were the disposable tanks that keep you from having to lug a large tank; however, an optional hose allows you to hook up a larger tank if you want to keep the grill stationary.

The porcelain coating on the grate makes cooking and cleaning easier by conducting heat and resisting sticky foods. The built-in container and controllable heat dials make it easier to cook at the proper temperature while the grill’s bottom is curved helps direct drippings into the disposable container.


Weber utilizes assembly guides and customer service options to assist you in setting up your grill. The grills come with step-by-step instructions that include pictures. Assembly guides can also be downloaded for Weber grills.

All components in the assembly packets are labeled. The customer service department is open every day, and they also respond to social media inquiries.

The primary steps to assembling the Q2200 are to attach the handles with Phillips screws and spacers. Attaching the thermometer to the lid with a wing nut is followed by inserting pins into the hinges that attach the lid to the bottom section. Hairpins then attach to keep the hinge pins in place.

A battery must be inserted into the igniter. When the grates are put in place, you are ready to BBQ.

DESIGN [****]

Whether you want to take the family camping or attach the Q2200 to your deck, the grill is designed to be compact for travel and still large enough to grill for a crowd.


With 12,000 BTUs of heat energy and even heat distribution, the Q2200 performs like a large grill in a portable body. Most common meats can easily be cooked on the grill, and only special recipes requiring extreme heat could be questionable.

There is only one burner, but its unique construction with two components combined into one burner produces an even heat. The heavy grates can provide a good sear on your meats, and the porcelain enamel conducts heat while keeping your meat from sticking.

Because of its almost-hybrid, the Weber Q2200 outperforms most small grills but still cannot be fairly compared to large, quality grills as we will see with the Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill.


  • Can be treated as portable of permanent
  • Heavy duty build for durability
  • Large cooking area


  • All grill components must be purchased separately
  • May be too heavy for some people to transport

Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill

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Our Weber Q2200 review identified the Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill as a close relative of the Char-Broil TRU infrared 4-burner. Char-Broil used the same basic design for each grill. The grill is not meant to be a portable option like the Weber Q2200. In fact, the Weber was heavy for portable grills at about 42 pounds, while the Char-Broil Performance 475 tips the scales at 104 pounds.

For a full-size, stationary grill, 104 pounds is not overly heavy, and it has wheels for easy movement. The body is made of 430 grade steel, but the cart is less durable.

The grill has 475 square inches of cooking surface with an additional 175 square inches on an additional movable rack.

EASE OF USE [****]

There is enough cooking area to make meals for a party or gathering. The grilling grates are porcelain coated cast iron for stick-free cooking and easy cleanup.

The grill starts easily with its reliable ignition and can be moved easily moved on two six-inch wheels.


The Char-Broil Performance 475 is fully constructed in the factory, so the grill comes almost ready to cook. Simply add the side shelves and cart and you are ready to go. Just do not underestimate what it takes to lift the body of the grill onto the cart; you may need two people.

DESIGN [****]

The Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill begins with the same body as is next-of-kin, the Char-Broil TRU Infrared, but Char-Broil cut back on certain areas to produce a less expensive grill than the TRU Infrared.

The solid body and fantastic grilling grates sit on a cart that is less durable than others. The surface area is less. In the end, it depends on whether you want to spend several hundred more for the Infrared or get a solid grill for under $200 with the Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Grill.


This 4-burner gas grill can produce 36,000 BTU’s of heat energy onto its ample cooking surface. On the surface 36,000 seems like a lot of heat, but if you consider the large cooking area, some still find the grill to be underpowered. However, the side burner boasts an additional 10,000 BTUs.

Four interior burners are made with stainless steel top ports, and the electronic ignition is a simple way to start your grill.


  • 430 grade steel body
  • 475 square inches of cooking surface
  • Easy assembly


  • Less durable cart
  • Lesser grill than similar TRU Infrared from Char-Broil

Coleman Propane Grill Roadtrip LXE

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The Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE is a portable grill that folds for easy travel. Its lift-and-lock system allows it to be folded and set up again in moments, whether you are simply moving it from your front yard to your back patio or whether you are taking it tailgating before the big game.

The grill has cast-iron grilling surfaces and a matchless lighting system. The intended propane cylinders can cook for over an hour, and larger cylinders can be used easily with a Coleman hose and adapter. A heat source of 20,000 BTUs cover a 285 square inch grilling surface. Two burners can be individually adjusted for different cooking zones.

EASE OF USE [****]

The two things this grill claims to do is cook easily and move easily. Its collapsible design is easy to close up, transport, and open again. The cast iron grates are easy to clean and conduct heat well.

An Instastart button ignites without a match, and wheels make short range moves easy without folding up the grill.


Users report initial assembly time around 15 minutes. The only tool that is needed to assemble the grill is a wrench to attach the two wheels, and that is included with your purchase.

Removing the grill components from the shipping container is tedious, but assembly is a cinch.

DESIGN [****]

The Coleman Propane Grill RoadTrip LXE has similar mid-size features to the Weber Q2200. One advantage it has over the Weber is a pair of folding legs that let it stand as tall as some backyard grills. The Weber, conversely, has to sit on a table or on the ground.

Interchangeable cooktops, billed as Swaptops, can replace your grates for griddles or stove-style grates. However, they must be purchased separately.

The collapsible design can be closed up quickly and fits easily into your car or trunk.


The RoadTrip LXE supplies 20,000 BTUs of heat energy over 285 square feet. This is enough to cook any traditional meat on the grill, from hamburgers to sausage. It can perform for over an hour on one portable propane cylinder.

The dual burners are controlled separately, so you can have hotter heat on one side than the other for meats with substantially different cook times or to use one side for warming and the other for cooking.


  • Easily transportable
  • Collapsible design allows for easy setup and takedown
  • Enough cooking room for multiple people


  • Flames are not covered by any type of drop shield
  • Poorly designed grease removal

Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grill

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The Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grill is a two-burner grill with a Dyna-Power system that features a steel firebox with two burners. The burners are P-shaped stainless-steel units that put out a combined 30,000 BTUs.

The burners heat 467 square inches of cooking space, yet the grill maintains a narrow design to fit on many porches and patios with ease.

EASE OF USE [****]

This powerful grill has a push-button starter. Control valves let you have full control over your heat.

Side shelves feature steel with a powder coating, and they are able to support 25 pounds each. Hooks and a towel bar add convenience and free valuable work space.


The grill comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly. Some stores offer assembly and expert assembly can be included in your Amazon purchase for around $133 per grill.

DESIGN [****]

A heavy-duty lid features a double-wall liner that holds heat. The end caps are made of cast aluminum.

The grill’s cabinet is sleek, but it does not compromise on quality with stainless steel construction and a double-wall door with durable hinges. Casters llow the grill to move in multiple directions, but they also lock for stability.


The grill has two burners that each produce up to 15,000 BTUs. Its 467 square inches of cooking space are made up of a primary 350 square inch area and a secondary 117 square inch section.


  • Powerful with even heat distribution
  • Durable


  • Grates are not cast iron
  • Not portable

Conclusion: Weber Q2200 Review

In concluding our Weber Q2200 review, we gave the Q2200 four stars. Our favorite aspect of the Weber grill was its versatility as a portable grill that could also stand as a stationary backyard grill. We think having characteristics of each is a good thing.

However, somebody determined to have a backyard grill with room to cook for crowds may find the Q2200 unable to fit the bill. Likewise, a buyer who wants to consistently travel with his or her grill may not want to lug all 42 pounds of the Q2200 around. Like any review, every buyer has certain needs and preferences. Only you can determine if the Weber Q2200 is right for you.

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